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Emerald shares which leashes, collars, and treats he most commonly uses when working with his dogs.

Find out if these tools are right for you and your dog.

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Needing to trim your dog's nails but not sure if you should go with a clipper or grinder? Find out the pros and cons of each in this training article!

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Is your dog stressed when you're not next to them or you leave them at home? Learn 5 tips to help your dog work through their separation anxiety.

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Is your dog becoming possessive with their toys or food? Learn how to train your dog to be gentle and willing to have people and animals around their toys and food.

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Having a hard time teaching your assistance or therapy dog in training a command? Try going back to the basics to ensure they know what you really want from them. 

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Socializing your dog to children helps them become comfortable with these unpredictable little humans. It also gives your dog the opportunity to learn to forgive and control their energy levels.

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Concerned about your dog struggling with the 4th of July or sudden noises? Find out how to help decrease the stress and anxiety that can often accompany the 4th of July for your dog.

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Potty training troubles with your future assistance dog and worried you won't be able to take them into public? Learn 5 tips to prevent accidents.

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Does your dog keep having accidents every time you turn around? Maybe they like to get into mischief and chew up your furniture, or maybe your dog doesn't seem to know how to just hang out? Help your dog learn to manage their space, keep out of trouble, and enjoy the world at a slower pace. Learn how a tie-down can be a useful tool to help with your dog's training.

How do you work through failure while training your dog? Are you okay with failure when you and your dog are solving a problem?