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Public Outing Video Mini-Series 

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Want to take your dog out into public but are worried about how they will handle it and are not sure where to start? 
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Public Outing Mini-Series

4 dog training lessons to help you and your dog be calm and confident while in private or public spaces. 

Walking on a Loose Leash


Appropriate Greetings



Toileting on Command


Ignoring Dropped Food

Each video is about 5-7 minutes long and will give you the tools to start training your puppy to go out into public. These dog training videos not only show you how to teach your puppy these behaviors but also why they are important. Give you a fuller understanding of the "why" behind the hard work and training your doing with your dog. 

Meet Your Trainer, Dogtor Emerald

Hi! I'm Dr. Emerald Mojica. I've helped train hundreds of assistance dogs, and am providing these virtual classes to support people and their dogs as COVID-19 changes how we all do life.

Along with training assistance dog's myself, I'm also a trusted trainer for multiple Assistance Dog Organizations to assist their puppy raisers in training their dogs.


There will be a time when we return to public spaces with other people and our dogs. My goal is that when we do, you and your dog will be able to make the transition with confidence!