We'll Train Your Dog,

You Enjoy The Results

Spend Time Enjoying Life With Your Dog,

Not Frustrated With Your Dog


From "Sit" to pottying on command, your dog will have the skills to be by your side where ever you go


Have confidence your dog will behave whether you're in a video conference or they're in the office

Dog Handling

Learn what your dog is telling you and how to work with them to maximize their potential

How Private Dog Training Works

1. Schedule Free Discovery Call

2.  Have Your Dog Trained While You Work

3. Have Amazing Relationship & Success With Your Dog

Private Dog Training, While You Work

Dog training is important and can feel overwhelming. Working Canine Club, simplifies things. You focus on work while Dogtor Emerald trains your dog. At the end of each session, you'll learn how to apply the skills your dog learned!

40 minutes of 1-on-1 training for your dog with Dogtor Emerald

15 minutes of training for you to learn how to work with your dog

No travel necessary, Dogtor Emerald comes to you and your dog

Positive exercise and stimulation for your dog

Meet Your Trainer, Dogtor Emerald

Hi! I'm Emerald, lead trainer of Working Canine Club.

Do you have a dog in your life that's not being a great housemate during this complicated time? 

Are their behaviors that used to be cute when they were puppies suddenly turned into a nightmare? 

If you're looking for help training your pup, look no further, with over 20 years and having trained hundreds of dogs ranging from pets to assistance dogs, I'm here to help restore balance in your relationship with your dog.

Having a dog is about spending quality time enhancing each other's lives, not pulling your hair out because they chewed up the furniture. 

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