A System To Train Your Own Assistance or Therapy Dog

A lot of time, energy, and love goes into the raising and training of an assistance or therapy dog. Make sure you have the resources to aid in your success. 

Create A Foundation

To Take Your Dog Anywhere,

From The Comfort Of Your Home


From "Sit" to pottying on command, your dog will have the skills to be by your side


Teach your dog how to act an react to the stimuli in your life


Understand the why behind the training

Lois B.

This class is awesome -

it incorporates exceptional knowledge with practical solutions to dogs of all ages. Emerald has an extensive back ground and I strongly recommend these classes.

Jackie S.

He gives fantastic foundation explanations so everyone without any dog training experience can follow along... He encourages his students. I have been taking dog classes for over 20 years and have never experienced someone as good at foundation work.

Tana S.

Emerald is a very talented and experienced dog trainer. He communicates the nightly lessons

In an articulate and understandable fashion

How The Foundations Course Works

1. Register For

The Foundations Course

2.  Watch From Anywhere With Internet Access

3. Have Amazing Relationship & Success With Your Dog

Foundational Dog Training, Directly To Your Device

The world is a different place now and you want to make sure your new puppy has a great foundation in place as they go through their developmental periods which determine their habits, behaviors, and ultimately, their success at navigating public spaces.

Learn the same training techniques utilized by assistance dog programs around the world

Weekly emails to help guide your dog's training

Access the course from wherever you have internet access

Over 25 unique training videos to support you & your dog's learning

Meet your trainer, Dogtor Emerald

Hi! I'm Dr. Emerald Mojica. I've helped train hundreds of assistance dogs, and am providing these virtual classes to support people and their dogs as COVID-19 changes how we all do life.


Along with training assistance dog's myself, I'm also a trusted trainer for multiple Assistance Dog Organizations to assist their puppy raisers in training their dogs.


There will be a time when we return to public spaces with other people and our dogs. My goal is that when we do, you and your dog will be able to make the transition with confidence!

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