Working Canine Club's Podcast

Episode #2 Teaching Your Dog Appropriate Greetings

When taking your dog into public, the two of you are bound to come across people that would love to say hello to your pup. The two of you will also likely meet another dog while out.

Though greetings can feel like a time for your dog and people to let loose and have fun when seeing each other, not everyone will have the same comfortability with dogs.

If your dog is saying hello to someone that is unsure of dogs or a small child, they will greatly appreciate a dog who can sit calmly while being petted. 

In the second episode of the Working Canine Club's Podcast, I discuss the importance of appropriate greetings for your dog when saying hello to other people and dogs. I also go over how

to begin teaching your dog to be calm and confident when meeting new people as well as dear friends. 

This is episode 2 of a 5 part series on taking your dog out into public. If you'd like to hear the first episode of the series, click on the link and learn the why and how of walking on a loose leash.

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