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Whether it's a rugged adventure, a lively gathering or a chill evening at home, life is best with your well-behaved dog by your side.

Unfortunately, it's not usually as easy as you imagined when you first brought home your furry friend...

As with any relationship or skill, working with your dog requires

commitment, consistency and patience. 

This is where a 6-week puppy class or hiring a trainer to work with your dog falls short.

(And hoping your dog will outgrow a behavior you don't like falls even shorter.)

Working Canine Club harnesses the power of structure, community and technology to help you train your dog so that you can have the life you imagined, together.

The most common behaviors people report in their dogs before joining Working Canine Club:

  • barking at other dogs or people

  • nipping, biting, or being "mouthy"

  • jumping up on people or furniture

  • resource guarding

  • separation anxiety

  • pulling on the leash 

  • inappropriate elimination

  • getting stressed/aggressive in public or other homes

Working Canine Club helps you


the behaviors of & relationship with your dog that you dream of


from the comfort of your home.


Become experienced with the essentials.

Is what you are doing not working well enough for you?

Are you ready to make a real change in your relationship with your dog?

Do you want the convenience of an online course but with the support and accountability of a lead trainer and an engaged community?

Every aspect of Working Canine Club is designed to empower you in creating the life you desire with your dog.

Included in your club membership:

(All accessible in our Mighty Network) ​

Zoom Classes each month

Training Activities

Video Library with content on obedience, theory, grooming, preparing for outings and more

Online Community

Written Articles

Office Hours to ask questions, get insight and learn from others

Designed to work for you.

Online Learning

online learning

so you can access what you need when you need, offering convenience and flexilbility

weekly activities

to keep you and your dog on track and continually growing in your skills and relationship

Dog Walker at the Park

supportive network

to increase your chance of success by doing something important to you, together

Three French Bullgod Puppies




  • Join Working Canine Club (7-day free trial!) & get access to everything on our Mighty Network


  • Watch the courses, do the weekly activities & create community


  • Improve your relationship with your dog & strengthen the behaviors you appreciate

Your Working Canine Club Guides

"Dogtor" Emerald 

Founder & Lead Trainer

Ellie Moon

Community Nurturer & CEO

Current Pup in Training

Working Canine Club is where our passion, curiosity, skills & humility collide. We are both doctors of chiropractic, volunteer puppy raisers for Canine Companions for Independence, and the guides of Working Canine Club.

What started as a hobby for Emerald 20 years ago has now become an integral part of both of our lives, blessing us with many human and dog relationships we wouldn't otherwise have, while continually inspiring us to learn more and develop from what was passed on to us.

Although Emerald was already teaching service dog training classes and Working Canine Club was already online with a comprehensive library of videos for dog people everywhere, 2020 accelerated the evolution of both these ventures. (Cheers to the early students who bravely tried so many new technologies with us as we searched for a platform that worked). 


We are thrilled and humbled to invite you on this journey in living your best life with your best friend. See you on the inside!

This year has come with a lot of change.

For many people, the way we work, play and socialize looks different than it used to. 

Working with our dog through these new circumstances is essential.

Fortunately, technology and creativity has made it possible to work with our dogs even if we are mostly at home or usual means of dog socialization are not available -  because our dogs are still developing and learning, whether we intentionally shape it or not.

And because teaching your dogs new behaviors does take commitment, consistency and patience, we have chosen to put our courses within an online community, so that you can encourage and be supported by others along the way.

Sadly, over 3 million dogs enter shelters in the US every year and almost 700,000 are put down. Others are given up on or neglected in more subtle ways, often due to behavioral problems that owners don't know how to fix.


We want to be part of the movement to change this, equipping people with the tools and support they need to build the relationship they dreamed of having with their dogs - and live their best life, with their best friend!

Dog Walker

"[Dogtor Emerald] gives fantastic foundation explanations so everyone without any dog training experience can follow along... He encourages his students. I have been taking dog classes for over 20 years and have never experienced someone as good at foundation work."



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