Life is better with a friendly &

confident dog by your side

If you're here, you probably feel that way too!

You love your companion dog. You love your life. And you want these things together- doing life with your fur baby and having the best time. 
But you're also busy, and you can't always remember everything you went over during your Thursday night dog class. You want to though, because it's hard to enjoy being in public with a super-stressed out dog.
This is why Working Canine Club was started. 


Welcome to Working Canine Club!

Dog class is fantastic, which is why we created one.
But training also needs to happen in real life, where environments change and distractions are almost guaranteed. 
Having the ability to review lessons at your convenience or have ongoing support helps you work with your dog even more successfully.
Here's the thing:
Training a dog is relatively easy.
Training the human is often where the challenge lies. 
We provide online classes and community so that you and your companion dog can happily and healthily navigate public and private spaces.
Dogs didn't always live in the city, but now they do and we can make it a little easier for them with understanding, training, and socialization. 

At this point, you may be asking...

Is this course for me? Are we a good fit?


Here's more information to help you decide:


I'm Emerald, the founder and lead trainer of Working Canine Club.

Many of us grew up with a family dog, or at least with friends or neighbors who had pets.


Let's be honest though- most of us never had to train the family dog or know how to be really consistent with it. And while there are pets all around us, there isn't a clear example of what a truly well-adjusted dog acts like. Furthermore, the internet is full of opinions galore! 

Finding classes and support that resonates with you and your pup is everything. I'm not here to tell you that my suggestions are the best or the only way, and truthfully I'm still learning all of the time.

This course and community is largely for the city dog. The foundations have a broad application, but if your furry friend mostly hangs inside your house and occasionally goes into the yard, this training and socialization might not be as useful to you.

I created Working Canine Club because I've been living in studio apartments in Seattle for several years with another human and a series of service puppies. 

I've raised service dogs since I was 12, and shifted to teaching others how to train their service dogs. There are very specific requirements for how these dogs interact with their handler, other beings and the environment. A behavior that may be inconsequential for a house pet could put a service dog or their human in danger, which is why I take training especially seriously. 

In the city, daily walks occur on the sidewalk while cars and other beings zoom by, and weird noises are common. Having a dog who can calmly and confidently do this stroll with a multitude of distractions and potential stresses makes both of our lives easier and more enjoyable. Not having to worry about your dog barking at neighbors all night is a big bonus, too.

I believe that whether you are in bed watching a show, or at a brewery with your friends (and 130 other people), life is better with a happy companion dog, especially when you have a trusting relationship.






confident, professional and relaxed in the office
calmly greets others when they approach your desk or door
potties appropriately, outside, when you ask them to
provide support at libraries, hospitals, schools or other facilities
responds consistently to commands in various locations
able to be touched and surrounded by numerous people at once
chill at the coffee shop or brewery
able to nonchalantly pass others on the street 
trustworthy off leash at the campsite

My hope is that cities will become increasingly dog friendly as more of us humans learn to help our dogs become more comfortable and appropriately behaved in public places and situations.


Taking your stressed out dog somewhere is not particularly fun.

I've certainly been there- hawking over my pup, not being able to be present with others.


In-person dog class is fantastic, important and I highly recommend it. However, training needs to occur in many environments. If your dog can do a "sit" or come to you in dog class, but not listen in a scenario where it might really count, then how valuable is that training for you?


Working Canine Club can stand alone as your foundational dog class, or be a supplement to in-person dog classes. These videos are available around the clock (as long as you have internet) so you can review the material at your convenience. 

Does this resonate with you?


dog training videos

Whether you're planning on buying or adopting a dog soon, or you're already living with your furry friend, this course is intended to build a foundation with basic commands and work up to confident public outings. 
If you think your pup has a potential future as a therapy dog, this is is an important place to start.

People commonly tell me that their dog doesn't want to listen, but often times, their dog is confused and is unsure of what is wanted from them. 

Many people buy or adopt their dog before they've truly prepared and educated themselves.

Many people don't start thinking about training until behavioral concerns arise.

Many people hope their dog will outgrow behavior issues and assume that things are occurring because they are "just a puppy". However, as your dog matures and possibly becomes larger, these behaviors often continue and lead to more problems (for you). 

We are here to help you become a better communicator with your dog. We help you do the work in the beginning, so you can have a better long-term relationship. 

Many people love their dog so much and want to share their awesomeness with those around them.

Our foundations course helps you prepare your human-dog team to be out of in public, and if you desire, pass the Public Access Test to certify your critter as a service dog. 

how it works:

1. join the club

Choose the Working Canine Club's Foundations Course video series for $99.

2. Start Training

Access your videos on whatever device, wherever you have internet

3. Experience confidence

Walk through the farmer's market with ease as children pet your dog's head


What people are saying:

Laura T. 

Emerald is excellent with dogs. I couldn't speak more highly of him. He has worked with our two dogs, ages 2.5 years and 7 months. He brought his background of dog training and his caring attitude into working with our dogs and I couldn't be happier.

Chelsea, M.

Emerald is extremely loving, professional and skilled when it comes to caring for and training dogs. We're really grateful for his service and continue to use the course regularly now.

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